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Remember the Good Times

Remember The Good Times (RTGT) is a site-specific audio project that takes place in an industrial monument, a street, a neighborhood, or any site that contains the memory of a lost community. Remember The Good Times has a version of Amsterdam, Budapest, Zaandam en Purmerend.





RTGT reconstructs the past, the present (and eventually the future) of the site through an interactive smartphone app taking the audience on a theatrical walk through the space in about 45 minutes. RTGT is a durational piece that the audience enters one by one with a two minutes interval. During the walk they participate in each other’s experience of the walk and the site. After the series of performances, the smartphone app will be left on the site so that the project can be experienced as a permanent performative exhibition once the makers have moved on.



‘As for the rest we can only try to imagine it,

deducing it from what has survived and been preserved,

from what has been saved from destruction and oblivion.

And the question can at last be asked:

what did this place mean to all those who passed through it?

What quantities of hope, expectations, daring, enthusiasm and energy were

accumulated here?’

All over the world there are buildings, industrial sites or neighbourhoods that used to connect a community that is now lost, sites that gave identities to people, to neighbourhoods and cities.

How should we, as a society, relate to the past, to what remains, and to what is lost? RTGT saves the collective memory of these vanished communities from the threshold of oblivion. Collecting personal and detailed memories throughout living rooms, display cases, rest homes, the RTGT app brings all these singular memories back to the place itself, creating a new collective memory to be shared with anyone.



The app reacts to, comments on and also triggers the experience in the space: it makes what is lost visible and audible. With the help of the navigation function of the phone and augmented reality, archive and fictional images will recreate the past, to revive the essence, the soul of the place. The audience experiences the app as a personal memory that could have been their own.

RTGT uses different media and disciplines to give the audience a three-dimensional theatrical experience. It’s an audio-visual tablet tour in the public space that contains live theatrical elements, fine arts, augmented reality animation, film and radio play all based on archive footage and dramatized documentary material.

RTGT is geared towards sensory experience. The audience experiences history as if it is unfolding on the spot. During the walk they will be interacting with the performance, for example by leaving personal memories behind that will be shared instantly on social media as the ‘new collective memory’ of the site and its vanished community.



There are already 4 versions of Remember The Good Times:



RTGT is a theatrical format that can easily be adapted to many different locations. Every edition of RTGT is tailor-made reconstruction of the site, the vanished community and its lifestyle. Each site demands its own specific dramaturgy and logistics in how to reveal its collective memory. This means that the site, the story and the dramaturgy of the walk will each time colour and rearrange the RTGT format. It will be a unique experience.



Remember The Good Times is a coproduction of TG Space, Over Het IJ festival, NDSM Wharf Fund in Amsterdam. Kaai Theatre Brussels, Workshop Foundation and Placcc Budapest, FFT Düsseldorf, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig are partners for the local versions.

RTGT is supported by: ECF, NFPK, AFK, Over het IJ, NDSM Wharf.