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SOS EARTH – 99% resilient

5 – 12 August at De Parade Utrecht

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Private Rotterdam/Katendrecht is an innovative cinematic heritage tourapp that shows the history and present of Katendrecht in Rotterdam. 


Wanna come along for a stroll like Jim and Henk still do every day?

Private Rotterdam/Katendrecht is pure oral history about emotion, disarmemant and enchantment in past and present times; a neighborhood soap opera. During this cinematic adventure you will see and hear stories of people who are born and raised on the Kaap, and also from newcomers who have lost their hearts to it. Join us on this local time travel! The app is also available in the English language.


In 2014 Tg Space made a heritage tourapp about the NDSMwharf in Amsterdam, called Remember the Good Times. This is what theatre critic Kester Freriks wrote about it:

‘Industrial Heritage needs to live on in our memories, that’s the impressive significance we can accredit to the NDSM-Wharf. This tribute to the past is beautiful and touching.’

@Theaterkrant, July 2014 (four stars)


Concept: Petra Ardai/SPACE. Platform app: Pocketguide Inc. Tekst: Petra Ardai. Music: Marion von Tilzer. Sound Design: Dick Kok and Lab3. Graphic design and video: Rozi Szeleczki. Research: Anja Brand. Contentmanagement: Zsolt Sárközy and Jayne Slot. Voices: Janni Goslinga, Rory de Groot Production: Mirjam Mieserius. Technique: Coen van Heteren Communications/PR: René Janssen. Business director /Content management: Jayne Slot. Business advice: Rob Bekenkamp.


Gemeente Rotterdam Erfgoed en Letteren, Kun jij de Kaap Aan?, LAB 3, Verhalenhuis Belvédère, MAAStd, RTV Rijnmond and Stadsarchief Rotterdam.


rememberWhat if Amsterdam disappears under water and all inhabitants must leave their homes? What do you take  with you when you have to flee, and what remains of your identity?

Remember Amsterdam is an interactive documentary requiem with live music and video. SPACE zooms in on the refugee issue, and shows Amsterdam through the eyes of natives and of refugees.  The pilot Remember Amsterdam was part of the festival Ongekend Bijzonder by BMP and shown at Amsterdam, Meevaart: 22 April and Tolhuistuin 24 April 2016.

In summer and autumn 2017 there will be a follow up of the pilot: Remember the Netherlands, crash course refugee.

OBthemaAmsterdam Print

The Cloud_6

The Cloud

The Cloud is an interactive performance with an audio tour. Tg Space takes the visitors to the future to look back at the now from 50 years on. The audience is guided through the open air museum of the present.

What is going on?

After a warm welcome and a brief introduction we  take your associates – fully equipped with headphones- on a 30 min. audio tour through the public space. They are guided through the ‘perfectly copied open air installation of the year 2012 where historically correctly costumed associates demonstrate how people lived in those days.’ Just like we look back into the prehistory at the Archeon, in The Cloud we flash back at the today’s habits and interactions. Through the headphones your staff hears the voice of The Cloud describing and explaining the world of 2012.

The audio tour combines pre-recorded sound material (the sound of The Cloud guiding through the museum) with live interventions like street interviews. The audio tour is an intense, cinematic experience that captures the audience into the play. They will view the world with different eyes after the performance.

The performance ends with the melon ceremony, the familiar and bonding farewell ceremony from the future.

Click HERE  to watch The Cloud’s trailler, the theatre version.



The Cloud playfully reflects on the now, on the reality in which we all live. By looking at the present from a different perspective, we makeshift our point of view, enabling out-of-the-box solutions for dilemma’s on our minds.

The Cloud gazes at the world we live in from a distance and from this remote perspective the audience wonder at the affectionate though painful clumsiness and inefficiency of our endeavour. Your associates will experience the familiar surroundings, the common traits and the interrelations differently then before. Spectators of The Cloud learn to see and understand the notion of time, space and the community in which they live and work. The Cloud helps break through rusted patterns without becoming too confronting. It creates place for new creative ideas, flexibility and innovation.

Because The Cloud combines the perception of day-to-day life with time travel, it does not break away from reality. It can easily be drawn to the corporate culture and goals of your company.


Custom work

The performance is a time travel but in reality it investigates our actions in today’s world. Its thematic can readily be focused on subjects of interest to your company, such as care, education, durability or corporate responsibility. How will future generations reflect on us? What should be change in the present to make us proud of ourselves in the future?

Both the location and the duration of the audio tour can be adapted to your desires. The Cloud is at its best in smaller groups (10-30 persons) but is also available in settings for up to 90 people. It can be performed several times a day. Following the performance there is room for a substantive exchange between Tg Space and the audience.

Tg Space offers a workshop in connection with the performance which broadens these conversations. Present day problems are charted and viewed from the future’s perspective. Solutions come up in straightforward game and thinking exercises. We work on articulating a perfectly functioning future. Fantasising together creates space for new lines of thinking and creative impulses which can be linked back to the working atmosphere, corporate culture and goals of your company.



The show starts off with a 15 min. reception act and introduction indoors, in the reception, an office space, or the canteen. This is also where the headphones are handed out. Then the audio-tour begins, an audio walk into the public space, or, of so desired, inside the building. The audio-tour takes 30 minutes. It usually ends where it began. The headphones are collected, and there is a short 15 min. closing act.

The entire performance is about 60 minutes.

The duration of the workshop would be another 60 minutes.


Location and specifications

The performance can take place just about anywhere so long as there is a space for the associates to assemble and to hand out the headphones. After the audio tour, this is where we end the performance.

Tg SPACE brings along everything needed for the performance. We just need a wall socket or two.


Some locations where Tg Space played a tailored version of The Cloud:

- NS try-out Festival, at the Amsterdam WTC station

- Culturele Zondag Utrecht, at station Utrecht Centraal – Hoog Chaterijne

Sziget Festival Budapest

- Vilans – dag (Vilans is a knowedge centre for long term care)

- Nederlandse Huisartsen Genootschap Congres 2012 (Association of Dutch Family Doctors)


Distance is disappearing

STATS presents facts that can touch you. In the very heart of Rotterdam, on the Schouwburgplein, screens will appear that show real time statistics with both true and imaginary information about life in the city of Rotterdam. Tg Space invites you to come to this interactive meeting place. You will become part of a theatrical experience, which will strengthen your involvement with the city. So you are not just observing abstract figures from a distance, which tell us little about ourselves and each other; these figures tell something about us, about you. In STATS, you will be treated to your daily share of truth.



 Rotterdam, 02.05.2015  at 20:02

today we have already :
consumed 324,474 liters of coffee

taken 34774 pills for anxiety, stress and/or depression
drunk 608388 liters alcohol
eaten 96675 kilos of meat
eaten 88896 kilos of sugar
we dropped 811185 kilos of shit

We desperately try to capture our lives in numbers to have a better understanding of our world, but we rarely relate these data to our daily life or feel more interconnected by reading statistics.

STATS is not an art work you look at from a distance. It isn’t happening in front of us, but with us. The audience becomes a part of the theatrical experience, which triggers an effortless dialogue between the visitors and a natural connection to the city. STATS is developed in the context of ‘Imagine 2010’ and commissioned by the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. With STATS, SPACE investigates the public space as a realm of encounter.

STATS is a mobile congress centre in the public space, where people can enter in a dialogue about the world around them. On the square in front of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg passers-by are invited to enter the congress centre and be treated with their ‘daily portion of truth’. Through real time statistics current and accessible information about the life in Rotterdam is shown. The data on the screens show the movement of the city calculated by the second. STATS shows facts that move you.

Real time statistics reveal data about health, environment and social issues in Rotterdam, such as the amount of births that day, the amount of bikes that have been stolen, water that has been used or animals that have been abused. The inhabitants in the public congress centre of STATS observe what happens from moment to moment in their city.

Around the congress centre new data is being collected through street interviews and other almost invisible performance actions that make the installation more personal and moving. The live actions are the connection between the statistics and the passers-by.

STATS has developed an extensive social media campaign (Twitter and Facebook) through which people can actively participate in the discussion on their daily portion of truth in Rotterdam. Information from the twitter feed is made visible in the live event.

The documentary theatre of SPACE is always playful and provocative, and played out between fiction and reality. Big issues are tackled with humour and made personal through self-mockery. Reoccurring elements are the interactive participation of the audience, innovative ways of storytelling with new media, and the unconventional locations of the events. SPACE always departs from ‘the political of the personal’. The artists are not interested in morale, but instead they ask the audience ‘What if this would happen to us? What would we do in these circumstances?’








Choice process guidance – communicative team

PIG BANK is an interactive ‘talent hunt’. Six do-gooders engage in a heart-warming drop off race where the audience eventually decides who is to win.

PIG BANK is strong in content and a very entertaining interactive performance.

You change the world for the better while having fun with your fellow audience.  The spectators (employees, congress visitors, colleagues) use their individual voting device – handed out as they enter the venue – to decide together which of the 6 idealists wins the live show, gaining financial support to realize their dream project. These projects are geared at improving society. They are modest in scale and have a local base.

What happens?

The performance begins with a brief acquaintance with the idealists and their projects. This is followed by a playful training through ‘yes and no’ questions. The answers are anonymous and instantly show up on our interactive touch screen. Group mechanisms are analyzed on the spot. This Q&A game of day-to-day dilemma’s makes the problems of choosing and contemplating tangible both for the individual as well as for the group. This humorous, but poignant training prepares the public for eventually making a well founded joint decision: which of the 6 idealists is best to support? The audience is the jury, appointing the ultimate winner of the amount gathered in the pig bank, which was filled up by the public itself. 

Click HERE to watch the  PIG BANK’s trailer, the theatre version.


PIG BANK increases the consciousness of your own driving forces and those of the world around you, hereby evoking a sense of responsibility.

How do you choose?

To what extent are your choices influenced by others?

How do others come to make their decisions? 

These are questions that pop up on the minds of PIG BANK ‘s audience, making them full aware of decision-making mechanisms. Subjects such as democratic decision making, altruism and empathy come forward, without ever moralizing. What is important to you and why? Does your colleague’s reasoning touch ground? In an exciting and playful manner you will work on team building, deliberating and deciding together, putting communication issues on the work floor in a different perspective and possibly solving them altogether.   

PIG BANK ‘s format is extremely well-suited for decision making guidance. It provides insights into reigning values and communication strategies of a work team. It helps in developing new views and owning up to them. PIG BANK offers a strong joint experience, enabling change to actually take place and endure, instead of lingering in empty slogans.


Custom Work

The PIG BANK format can be adapted in several ways to accommodate your organization’s specific needs, problems or wishes. Both the process of the interactive training (duration and profile) and the nature of the projects to be chosen from, can be edited to fit your desires. You could filter the idealists by subject – environment, youth, art… – but we could also cater to issues in your own organization.

PIG BANK is so interactive that it might readily be regarded a workshop.

It is suitable for smaller groups (5 – 10 persons) as well as large ones  (100 persons and more).



The regular duration of PIG BANK is one and a half hours. Its length can vary according to your wishes. After the performance Tg SPACE can host a drink to further discuss the subjects involved in the show on an even more informal note.

Location and requirements

PIG BANK can be performed anywhere we can roll our 200 kg flight case. Tg SPACE brings all necessary equipment and only needs a few wall sockets.


A few locations where Tg Space played an adapted version from PIG BANK:

– Studium Generale Eindhoven

– Parade 2012 (Amsterdam, Utrecht)

– Omarmprijs – in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam (anti-poverty award)

– Studium Generale Groningen (januari 2013)


Some reactions from participants (Omarmprijs, 28.11.2012)

“It was very exciting! It kept me at the tip of my chair…”

“is it an existing performance? I thought it was created especially for the prize award”

“very funny… but also confronting!”

“I didn’t expect it to be so nice!”


Revisiting history – a new perspective on the present – identity



Remember The Good Times (RTGT) is a site-specific project that takes place in an industrial monument or in any other site that contains the memory of a lost community, like a street, a public building or a neighborhood.


RTGT reconstructs the past, the present (and eventually the future) of the site through an interactive smartphone app taking the audience on a theatrical walk through the space in about 45 minutes. RTGT is a durational piece: the audience enters the space one by one with a two minutes interval. This way, they participate in each other’s theatrical experience. After the series of performances, the smartphone app will be left on the site so that the project can be experienced as a permanent performative exhibition once the makers have moved on.



‘As for the rest we can only try to imagine it,

deducing it from what has survived and been preserved,

from what has been saved from destruction and oblivion.

And the question can at last be asked:

what did this place mean to all those who passed through it?

What quantities of hope, expectations, daring, enthusiasm and energy were accumulated here?’ (George Perec; “Ellis Island”)


All over the world there are buildings, industrial sites or neighborhoods that used to connect a community that is now lost, sites that gave identities to people, to neighborhoods and cities.


How should we, as a society, relate to the past, to what remains, and to what is lost? RTGT saves the collective memory of these vanished communities from the threshold of oblivion. Collecting personal and detailed memories throughout living rooms, display cases and rest homes, the RTGT app brings all these singular memories back to the place itself, creating a new collective memory to be shared with everyone.



The app reacts to, comments on and also triggers the experience in the space: it makes what is not there anymore visible and audible. With the help of the navigation function of the phone and augmented reality, archive and fictional images will recreate the past, to revive the essence, the soul of the place. The audience experiences the app as a personal memory that could have been their own.


RTGT uses different media and disciplines to give the audience a three-dimensional theatrical experience. It’s an audio-visual tablet tour in the public space that contains live theatrical elements, fine arts, augmented reality animation, film and radio play all based on archive footage and dramatized documentary material.


RTGT is geared towards sensory experience. The audience experiences history as if it is unfolding on the spot. During the walk they will be interacting with the performance, for example by leaving personal memories behind that will be shared instantly on social media as the ‘new collective memory’ of the site and its vanished community.




RTGT is a theatrical format that can easily be adapted to different locations.

Every edition of RTGT is a tailor-made reconstruction of the site, the vanished community and its lifestyle. Each site demands its own specific dramaturgy and logistics in how to reveal its collective memory. This means that the site, the story and the dramaturgy of the walk will each time color and rearrange the RTGT format. Every RTGT edition will be a unique experience.


For instance, the participating audience can walk through a neighborhood where they hear the stories of the people that used to live there, their impressions and the events that have taken place there. Or RTGT can bring to life the history of a building, location or community.


A concrete example of this is the collaboration with the Stichting NDSM Werf in Amsterdam. The history of this old shipyard has been brought to life by RTGT through the memories of former employees, computer animations, impressive historic footage and radio archives.


Click HERE  to watch the project’s teaser on youtube.


Potential partners with whom we are talking about the RTGT project: the Melkweg in Amsterdam, the old Television building in Budapest, the Office of Sabena Airways in Brussels and the Rozentheater in Amsterdam.




 4-14 July 2013
RTGT on the NDSM Wharf at Over Het IJ Festival.      (http://www.overhetij.nl)

Audience and possible future partners are most welcome to join us in any given day of the festival. Please contact us if you have any suggestion or need more information.