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SPACE is an internationally operating performance group that makes documentary theatre and installations. Playing on and exploring the margins of fiction and reality, the constants that define Space are the theme of identity, the interactive role of the audience and the site and culture-specific tailoring of scenarios to individual locations. Space considers every location as ‘site specific’ even if it’s a theatre room. The group’s main starting point is the ‘politics of the personal’. Space invites artists from various disciplines to participate as co-authors in the project and expand their own stories in order to convey an engaged worldview and advance an evocative proposition that starts a discussion: ‘What if this would happen to you?’



Artistic director: Petra Ardai

Business manager: Irene Noordkamp

Board of directors:

Anneke Jansen

Mareile Zuber

Kristof Racz

Nevana Bajalica