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With the living heritage apps, SPACE brings the history of a location, city or a community to life. The visitor walks around in the present, but he has an eye on the past and on the future. The narrative is based on a historical, architectural, cultural and social research. The heritage-app is created in close cooperation with the local community and stakeholders and  addresses the theme the site through personal stories.

 How should we as a society relate to our past, to what is left, what is and what is yet to come?

Private Terschelling

Private Terschelling commemorates the attack of the British in 1666 at West-Terschelling. A theatracle audiowalk researches the effect of the disaster in the daily live of the village today.

Private Rotterdam / Katendrecht

Private Rotterdam/Katendrecht is pure oral history about emotion, disarmemant and enchantment in past and present times; a neighbourhood soap opera.


Remember the good times

Remember The Good Times (RTGT) is a site-specific project that takes place in an industrial monument, a street, a neighbourhood, or any site that contains the memory of a lost community.