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Rotterdam, 02.05.2015  at 20:02

today we have already :

consumed 324,474 liters of coffee

taken 34774 pills for anxiety, stress and/or depression

drunk 608388 liters alcohol

eaten 96675 kilos of meat

eaten 88896 kilos of sugar

we dropped 811185 kilos of shit

We desperately try to capture our lives in numbers to have a better understanding of our world, but we rarely relate these data to our daily life or feel more interconnected by reading statistics.

STATS is not an art work you look at from a distance. It isn’t happening in front of us, but with us. The audience becomes a part of the theatrical experience, which triggers an effortless dialogue between the visitors and a natural connection to the city. STATS is developed in the context of ‘Imagine 2010’ and commissioned by the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. With STATS, SPACE investigates the public space as a realm of encounter.

STATS about the city of Rotterdam

STATS DASC about East Europe – West Europe

STATS Foodnight over gentrificatie in de wijk

STATS Dag van de Gebiedsnota, about education, security and environmental issues.

STATS Boulevard van Bijzondere Ontmoetingen about refugees in Amsterdam (Dutch)