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Choice process guidance – communicative team

PIG BANK is an interactive ‘talent hunt’. Six do-gooders engage in a heart-warming drop off race where the audience eventually decides who is to win.

PIG BANK is strong in content and a very entertaining interactive performance.

You change the world for the better while having fun with your fellow audience.  The spectators (employees, congress visitors, colleagues) use their individual voting device – handed out as they enter the venue – to decide together which of the 6 idealists wins the live show, gaining financial support to realize their dream project. These projects are geared at improving society. They are modest in scale and have a local base.

What happens?

The performance begins with a brief acquaintance with the idealists and their projects. This is followed by a playful training through ‘yes and no’ questions. The answers are anonymous and instantly show up on our interactive touch screen. Group mechanisms are analyzed on the spot. This Q&A game of day-to-day dilemma’s makes the problems of choosing and contemplating tangible both for the individual as well as for the group. This humorous, but poignant training prepares the public for eventually making a well founded joint decision: which of the 6 idealists is best to support? The audience is the jury, appointing the ultimate winner of the amount gathered in the pig bank, which was filled up by the public itself. 

Click HERE to watch the  PIG BANK’s trailer, the theatre version.


PIG BANK increases the consciousness of your own driving forces and those of the world around you, hereby evoking a sense of responsibility.

How do you choose?

To what extent are your choices influenced by others?

How do others come to make their decisions? 

These are questions that pop up on the minds of PIG BANK ‘s audience, making them full aware of decision-making mechanisms. Subjects such as democratic decision making, altruism and empathy come forward, without ever moralizing. What is important to you and why? Does your colleague’s reasoning touch ground? In an exciting and playful manner you will work on team building, deliberating and deciding together, putting communication issues on the work floor in a different perspective and possibly solving them altogether.   

PIG BANK ‘s format is extremely well-suited for decision making guidance. It provides insights into reigning values and communication strategies of a work team. It helps in developing new views and owning up to them. PIG BANK offers a strong joint experience, enabling change to actually take place and endure, instead of lingering in empty slogans.


Custom Work

The PIG BANK format can be adapted in several ways to accommodate your organization’s specific needs, problems or wishes. Both the process of the interactive training (duration and profile) and the nature of the projects to be chosen from, can be edited to fit your desires. You could filter the idealists by subject – environment, youth, art… – but we could also cater to issues in your own organization.

PIG BANK is so interactive that it might readily be regarded a workshop.

It is suitable for smaller groups (5 – 10 persons) as well as large ones  (100 persons and more).



The regular duration of PIG BANK is one and a half hours. Its length can vary according to your wishes. After the performance Tg SPACE can host a drink to further discuss the subjects involved in the show on an even more informal note.

Location and requirements

PIG BANK can be performed anywhere we can roll our 200 kg flight case. Tg SPACE brings all necessary equipment and only needs a few wall sockets.


A few locations where Tg Space played an adapted version from PIG BANK:

– Studium Generale Eindhoven

– Parade 2012 (Amsterdam, Utrecht)

– Omarmprijs – in collaboration with the Municipality of Amsterdam (anti-poverty award)

– Studium Generale Groningen (januari 2013)


Some reactions from participants (Omarmprijs, 28.11.2012)

“It was very exciting! It kept me at the tip of my chair…”

“is it an existing performance? I thought it was created especially for the prize award”

“very funny… but also confronting!”

“I didn’t expect it to be so nice!”