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Private Rotterdam/Katendrecht

Private Rotterdam/Katendrecht is an innovative cinematic heritage tourapp that shows the history and present of Katendrecht in Rotterdam. 


Wanna come along for a stroll like Jim and Henk still do every day?

Private Rotterdam/Katendrecht is pure oral history about emotion, disarmemant and enchantment in past and present times; a neighborhood soap opera. During this cinematic adventure you will see and hear stories of people who are born and raised on the Kaap, and also from newcomers who have lost their hearts to it. Join us on this local time travel! The app is also available in the English language.


In 2014 Tg Space made a heritage tourapp about the NDSMwharf in Amsterdam, called Remember the Good Times. This is what theatre critic Kester Freriks wrote about it:

‘Industrial Heritage needs to live on in our memories, that’s the impressive significance we can accredit to the NDSM-Wharf. This tribute to the past is beautiful and touching.’

@Theaterkrant, July 2014 (four stars)

Concept: Petra Ardai/SPACE. Platform app: Pocketguide Inc. Tekst: Petra Ardai. Music: Marion von Tilzer. Sound Design: Dick Kok and Lab3. Graphic design and video: Rozi Szeleczki. Research: Anja Brand. Contentmanagement: Zsolt Sárközy and Jayne Slot. Voices: Janni Goslinga, Rory de Groot Production: Mirjam Mieserius. Technique: Coen van Heteren Communications/PR: René Janssen. Business director /Content management: Jayne Slot. Business advice: Rob Bekenkamp.

Gemeente Rotterdam Erfgoed en Letteren, Kun jij de Kaap Aan?, LAB 3, Verhalenhuis Belvédère, MAAStd, RTV Rijnmond and Stadsarchief Rotterdam.