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RA (10)SOS EARTH – 99% resilient

The Earth is becoming uninhabitable and the human population is divided between Earth and Mars. SPACE and the public have to set up the first model colony on the red planet. more

Pilot Remember Amsterdam: Crash Course Refugee

As a pilot of SOS EARTH – 99% resilient SPACE creater Remember Amsterdam, crash course refugee. What if Amsterdam disappears under water and all inhabitants must leave their homes? What do you take  with you when you have to flee, and what remains of your identity?more

Love me Tinder
Love me Tinder is exploring online intimacy. It’s about the (dis)advantages of online dating and how this materialises upon meeting each other. Is it possible to have an online relationship without getting lost from reality? Love Me Tinder was performed both at De Parade and STROOM Fest in The Netherlands in 2016.

The Cloud

The Cloud is an interactive performance with an audio tour. Tg Space takes the visitors to the future to look back at the now from 50 years on. The audience is guided through the open air museum of the present.more

PIG BANK PIG BANK is an interactive ‘talent hunt’. Six do-gooders engage in a heart-warming drop off race where the audience eventually decides who is to win.more