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The Cloud

The Cloud is an interactive performance with an audio tour. Tg Space takes the visitors to the future to look back at the now from 50 years on. The audience is guided through the open air museum of the present.

What is going on?

After a warm welcome and a brief introduction we  take your associates – fully equipped with headphones- on a 30 min. audio tour through the public space. They are guided through the ‘perfectly copied open air installation of the year 2012 where historically correctly costumed associates demonstrate how people lived in those days.’ Just like we look back into the prehistory at the Archeon, in The Cloud we flash back at the today’s habits and interactions. Through the headphones your staff hears the voice of The Cloud describing and explaining the world of 2012.

The audio tour combines pre-recorded sound material (the sound of The Cloud guiding through the museum) with live interventions like street interviews. The audio tour is an intense, cinematic experience that captures the audience into the play. They will view the world with different eyes after the performance.

The performance ends with the melon ceremony, the familiar and bonding farewell ceremony from the future.

Click HERE  to watch The Cloud’s trailler, the theatre version.



The Cloud playfully reflects on the now, on the reality in which we all live. By looking at the present from a different perspective, we makeshift our point of view, enabling out-of-the-box solutions for dilemma’s on our minds.

The Cloud gazes at the world we live in from a distance and from this remote perspective the audience wonder at the affectionate though painful clumsiness and inefficiency of our endeavour. Your associates will experience the familiar surroundings, the common traits and the interrelations differently then before. Spectators of The Cloud learn to see and understand the notion of time, space and the community in which they live and work. The Cloud helps break through rusted patterns without becoming too confronting. It creates place for new creative ideas, flexibility and innovation.

Because The Cloud combines the perception of day-to-day life with time travel, it does not break away from reality. It can easily be drawn to the corporate culture and goals of your company.


Custom work

The performance is a time travel but in reality it investigates our actions in today’s world. Its thematic can readily be focused on subjects of interest to your company, such as care, education, durability or corporate responsibility. How will future generations reflect on us? What should be change in the present to make us proud of ourselves in the future?

Both the location and the duration of the audio tour can be adapted to your desires. The Cloud is at its best in smaller groups (10-30 persons) but is also available in settings for up to 90 people. It can be performed several times a day. Following the performance there is room for a substantive exchange between Tg Space and the audience.

Tg Space offers a workshop in connection with the performance which broadens these conversations. Present day problems are charted and viewed from the future’s perspective. Solutions come up in straightforward game and thinking exercises. We work on articulating a perfectly functioning future. Fantasising together creates space for new lines of thinking and creative impulses which can be linked back to the working atmosphere, corporate culture and goals of your company.



The show starts off with a 15 min. reception act and introduction indoors, in the reception, an office space, or the canteen. This is also where the headphones are handed out. Then the audio-tour begins, an audio walk into the public space, or, of so desired, inside the building. The audio-tour takes 30 minutes. It usually ends where it began. The headphones are collected, and there is a short 15 min. closing act.

The entire performance is about 60 minutes.

The duration of the workshop would be another 60 minutes.


Location and specifications

The performance can take place just about anywhere so long as there is a space for the associates to assemble and to hand out the headphones. After the audio tour, this is where we end the performance.

Tg SPACE brings along everything needed for the performance. We just need a wall socket or two.


Some locations where Tg Space played a tailored version of The Cloud:

- NS try-out Festival, at the Amsterdam WTC station

- Culturele Zondag Utrecht, at station Utrecht Centraal – Hoog Chaterijne

Sziget Festival Budapest

- Vilans – dag (Vilans is a knowedge centre for long term care)

- Nederlandse Huisartsen Genootschap Congres 2012 (Association of Dutch Family Doctors)